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English Summer Camps

in Italy

Children Playing

Fun and active English lessons for children and youth.

ParloVita’s mission is to provide free English Camps to churches and organizations in the nation of Italy. Our mission is to:
Strengthen churches and organizations in reaching their communities;
Help equip children for success in their academic and future endeavors; and
Instill in the heart of each child an understanding of God’s love and purpose for their lives.
I Speak Life (Parlo di Vita) because "Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24

For many years I have had a passion for helping children and young people in my country, the United States, and It is an honor to serve children and their families in Italy also.

Typically, missionaries teach English as a means of earning a living. Instead, I desire to use English as a way to share the Word of God. Through games, sports, and different activities, the children learn many topics and basic grammar while having fun. Everyday there is a passage from the Bible that accompanies the lessons.


These English summer camps are a good opportunity to reach families in the community with the love of Jesus Christ. In times of uncertainty and fear, people need to know that God IS sovereign and His love never fails. For more information, please read the FAQ section, then contact me to discuss how I can help you reach your community. I am ready to share the Gospel together with you!


Christa Furlow

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

International Certification of English (TESOL)


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For Churches / Organizations:

Can we decide the days and the duration of the camp?

We are happy to organize a camp that fits your goals and schedules.


How can we host an English Camp?

The camps are held during the months of June and July. Please contact us at or fill out an online form.

Please include:

  • The dates you prefer (list two options)

  • Which hours and which days you prefer

  • How many children you plan to host

  • A brief description of the camp location

  • Your contact information


How much does it cost to host a camp?

Our English camps are free for churches, organizations, and families. If you prefer a camp that lasts all day, we ask you to provide snacks and lunches for the students.


Can we get a sample of your lessons/activities?

Yes. Contact us at and we will send you a sample.


What kind of space/facility is needed to host a camp?

Our English Camp involves many games, activities and lessons for groups. If you choose to conduct camp indoors, ample space is needed for students to run, play, eat lunch, and use the washrooms.


What more information do we need to know?

Our camps are usually for small groups. The space of your facility and our availability of staff will decide how many students you can host. If you would like to host a camp with 40+ students and have enough volunteers to assist, please contact us to discuss this in detail.

In addition to the lessons, the children also learn Bible scriptures in Italian and in English, with activities to accompany the passages.


Typically, 6-9 months advance notice is needed to run a successful English Camp. Contact us by email or fill out an online form for other questions, information, or to request a shorter advance notice.

Children Playing in Park
Learning Pod


For Parents


Where are the English Camps held?

Our English Camps are held in Italy, wherever churches or organizations would like to host them.


When do English Camps take place?

Usually, our camps are in the months of June and July.


Are your courses truly free?

Yes, our camps are free! If a church or organization hosts an all-day summer camp, perhaps they may charge a snack and lunch fee.


What is the age required for summer camps?

Ages 7 to 14 years old.


How long do the camps last?

The days and hours of the camps are established by the churches or organizations that host them.


Are there any overnight stays?

Sorry, no. Our camps are during the day.


What is the ratio between adults and students?

We strive to ensure a ratio of 1:10.


What will my child learn?

ParloVita English lessons are used to improve vocabulary, strengthen comprehension skills, and improve conversation skills. We achieve this through various games, activities, and workbook exercises in small groups.


In addition to learning vocabulary, verbs, prepositions, etc., the children also learn about God's love for them through faith in Jesus Christ. The theme of each lesson coincides with a passage from the Bible.


Do children need to bring their materials?

No. We will provide your child with everything they need for a fun and engaging experience.


Will the children be transported anywhere during camp?

No. All activities will take place at the same drop-off location.


What measures do you take to ensure a clean and safe environment?

As individuals arrive, their body temperature will be measured before they enter any part of the facility or camp area. Students will have ample space for distancing and activities and materials, tables, and washrooms will be continuously disinfected and cleaned.


My son has special needs. Can he participate in camp?

Maybe we can host your child, it depends on the nature of his needs. Please contact us with detailed information about your child, and we will reply.


Do you offer individual lessons?

Individual lessons for improving vocabulary and conversation skills are done via Zoom at a low cost.


Other questions? Email us or fill out an online form.


Contact us


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